RV Solar Connections Highlights Student Enthusiasm For RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 Curriculum

RV Solar Connections, which supplies solar energy products for the RV industry, is a proud provider of the RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 curriculum. Recently, RV Solar Connections’ staff sat down with the RV Technical Institute to share their experience teaching the Level 3 curriculum to interested service technicians. Hear from RV Solar Connections’ team below!

How do RV Solar Connections’ Level 3 Courses benefit RV technicians?

Level 3 courses give RV technicians a chance to build upon their skillset and stand out as specialists in the field. Our course covers the foundations of renewable energy for mobile applications, with a deep dive into system design, installation, troubleshooting, and advanced programming. Once an RV tech has completed training and demonstrated competency, they are then qualified to receive referrals for RV solar and lithium battery related services. The skills learned through Level 3 RV solar training will help RV technicians better navigate and succeed in this growing market.

What do your students have to say about the Level 3 courses you offer?
Below are some student reviews from RV Solar Connections’ last training event:

  • "Definitely recommend this course for all that are interested in learning about these systems. The group hands-on learning is the best way to learn by far compared to traditional classroom style training. Getting to openly discuss issues with very knowledgeable instructors along with other technicians in attendance is very beneficial and doesn't cause you to lose interest when the info might get a little busy to follow. Take this course if you get a chance."
  • "RV Solar Connections hosted a Victron technology event that was very professional, educational, and worthwhile. We would definitely recommend them for high quality off grid electrical services."
  • "Very good hands-on training class would recommend for anyone that wants to learn."

How has offering Level 3 been impactful for your organization?

Since offering Level 3 certification, we've had a number of organizations reach out and sign up for training. Once trained, these technicians are better prepared to use our products, and thus qualified to receive referrals related to lithium battery and solar upgrades. This training program has assisted in strengthening our network of RV solar specialists. Interested individuals can learn more about RV Solar Connections' Level 3 classes here

The RV Technical Institute regularly adds new, approved Level 3 courses to its curriculum. Interested suppliers can become an accredited training provider by downloading and submitting an application for review and approval by the Curriculum Committee. Likewise, interested RV technicians can learn more about Level 3 and how to take an approved course.