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Updating My Certification

Keep your certification current

The RVDA/RV Industry Association Technician Certification Program has transitioned to RVTI and only current registered, certified or master certified technicians will be transferred into the new program without testing.

Steps to verify your eligibility and transfer your credentials

  1. Register for the RVDA/RVIA Transfer Verification Course (provide required information/create an account or log-in) NOTE: your old RVDA/RVIA account will not work, if you have not already created an RVTI account, you must create one as you register for the transfer.
  2. In the Assignment Submission click on "Type Submission" and enter your RVDA/RVIA Cert ID # (e.g. 11111) OR click on "Attach Submission" and "Choose File" to attach a copy of your certificate
  3. Click on Submit Assignment



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