Level 3

Level 3

Specialty Technician Training

For technicians that have completed the Level 1 and Level 2 trainings, Level 3 training offers supplier training on specific types of components. Level 3 training leads to increased skill sets where technicians can perform advanced diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs on those systems and components.  

There are 5 areas of specialty training technicians can pursue:

  • Electrical Specialist: Demonstrates skill and expertise in converter, inverter, transfer switches, management systems, batteries (including lithium-ion), surge protection, solar, generators
  • Chassis Specialist: Demonstrates skill and expertise in stabilization, leveling, electric steps, braking systems (including hydraulic and electric), vehicle weights (hitch, axle, and suspension) 
  • Electronics Specialist: Demonstrates skill and expertise in satellite systems, logic control systems, and control area networks (CAN)
  • Appliance Specialist: Demonstrates skill and expertise in furnaces, air conditioning, refrigerators, water heaters (must include traditional, instantaneous, and hydronic or combination systems)
  • Slideout Specialist: Demonstrates skill and expertise in cable slide-outs, above floor slide-outs, through frame slide-outs (including screw-type, rack and pinion, hydraulic, flush mounted)

To achieve Level 3, technicians must successfully pass Level 1 and 2 written and skill-based (practical) exams as well as attend and pass 24 hours of approved vendor trainings within five years for each specialty category to include all topics listed under each category within a 5 year period. 

Level 3 status is good for 5 years for each specialist category to include all topics listed under each category. Over the 5-year certification time, the technician must acquire 24 hours of continuing education credits (CEUs) of approved training. No trainings older than 5 years will be counted. 8 of the 24 hours of CEU must be directly related to the specialty held.


Available Supplier Trainings

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RV Industry Association and RV Technical Institute does not endorse any trainings for recertification or advance Level 3. We also assume no responsibility or liability for accuracy or quality of the approved trainings. The approval is granted by a group of volunteer Level 4 Master Certified Technicians that evaluate the submission based solely on its relevance to the job of an RV Service Technician and if it is advanced training beyond the Level 1 & Level 2 pre-requisite training.

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