RV Techs Can Become Master Certified This Year With RV Technical Institute Workshops

RVTI pencils and business cards

The RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 workshops focus on five different specialty areas for RV technicians who are interested in further developing their knowledge of RV systems and components. Specifically, Level 3 teaches students to perform advanced diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs on one or more of the following systems: electrical, chassis, slide-out, electronic, and appliances. 

Technicians who achieve certification in all five specialties earn their Level 4 Master Certification. To make it easier to get all the training needed to achieve Level 3 and ultimately Level 4, the RV Technical Institute will be hosting five Level 3 workshops, with each week focusing on one of the five specialty areas in 2024. 

Technicians looking to upgrade to a Level 3 or Level 4 Master Certification this year should save the dates for these trainings:

  • Week of March 11th: Level 3 Electrical Specialty

  • Week of June 3rd: Level 3 Chassis Specialty

  • Week of July 8th: Level 3 Slide Out Specialty

  • Week of September 16th: Level 3 Electronic Specialty

  • Week of December 2nd: Level 3 Appliance Specialty

Each week will cover ALL training hours needed in the specific specialty area. After successfully completing the training, each participant will have accumulated enough hours to earn their Level 3 Specialty in that category. For those who attend all five, they will earn their Level 4 Master Certification.

Not able to attend these trainings? No worries— additional Level 3 courses are still being offered year-round through the RV Technical Institute’s authorized supplier trainings.

All classes will be hosted at the RV Technical Institute’s facility in Elkhart, IN. Class registration will open the week of February 12. In the meantime if you have questions, would like more information or to be added to the wait list, please call us at 574-549-9080.