Matt Gallagher: An RV Technical Institute-Certified Mobile Technician

Matt and Andrea

After graduating from the RV Technical Institute’s Level 2 hybrid course earlier this year, Matt Gallagher is using his skills to launch a mobile technician business, taking his skillset on the road.

Matt first became interested in RVing after hitting the road in a Jayco Jayflight with his wife, Andrea, and his children. “We bought it in 2016. We camped at Maple Park Campground and Bourne Scenic Park near Cape Cod, MA. Those experiences with the comfort and convenience of the RV, and the access it gave us to the outdoors, got us hooked on RV vacation lifestyle.”

Technician on the ground

After gradually becoming more involved in the outdoor recreation industry, Matt learned about the RV Technical Institute from their display at the 2023 Tampa Supershow. “I approached the Institute’s booth—their representatives were really helpful and they set me up for the hybrid training program on the spot. It was good to have a program with a structure that worked for me. I only had to spend one week away from my home and work responsibilities to complete the onsite training, and I had 11 weeks of directed online study from home.”

The Institute offers three styles of training—entirely in person, a hybrid version (11 weeks online and one week in person), or entirely online. Matt, who chose the hybrid route, states that both the in person and online training were geared towards his style of learning. “The online version provided me with an online format allowing me to read the information, watch videos, and track my learning with weekly testing. I then brought questions to a qualified instructor during weekly check-in Zoom meetings—those were so helpful.”


“I went to the Institute’s Elkhart headquarters for a week for the hybrid class. My experience there was a bit unique because I was completing and testing for both the Level 1 and Level 2 certification. My instructor stayed after work hours to test me on Level 1 early in the week so that I could be in sync with my Level 2 classmates,” he says. “There were so many resources there and so much expertise. Working on RV technology at the RV Technical Institute like air conditioners, hot water heaters, and more allowed me to apply what I had read about and had seen through the online instruction. It expanded and further solidified my understanding of these systems. The experience at the Institute of diagnosing problems with RV systems and then having the necessary parts on hand was the experience I needed to confidently work on these problems on my own at home. The Institute’s layout was everything I was hoping for. Everything that we needed was there.” Matt specifically highlights Institute instructors Bill Stewart and Chris Jachim for their knowledge, dedication, and friendly demeanor.

He adds that another benefit of the course was bonding with his classmates. “Since completing the class, we still keep in touch. I think it’s the RVing phenomenon- this lifestyle and industry attracts good people. We now use each other as a network of support in the RV industry.”


Now, after graduating from the Institute with his Level 2 certification, Matt and Andrea are focusing on Matt’s mobile RV technician business, Twelve Springs RV Repair. Currently based in Lakeland, FL, Matt completed his first repair job with his new business last month. Matt shares his RV repair experiences on his YouTube channel, You Can Do It RV, and has recently launched a Facebook page.

“I’m joining the ranks of certified technicians who try to resolve problems that can arise with an RV. The goal is to provide professional service and keep people enjoying their RV experience. The RV Technical Institute has made it so that I can service RVs with the level of expertise I would expect from myself.”


“I recently finished my first job fixing a through frame slide out by replacing the motor and sprocket assembly. You can see the repair on my YouTube channel,” Matt says. “I’ll also be taking delivery on a pair of gas springs soon to replace on an awning and I have a hydraulic leveling system job I’m working on at present. I’m balancing my existing day job with the mobile RV business, so I’m making sure to pace myself with the number of jobs I take on. However, there is a ton of business out there and we’re in the slow season here in Florida during the summer months. I’m looking forward to the fall when the snowbirds return to Lakeland and increase the volume of service jobs.”

He adds that setting up a small business has always been a lifetime goal. “The RV Technical Institute helped make it possible giving me the training and access I needed for certification.”

Matt is currently working towards his Level 3 Certification by completing additional trainings. “I’ve used several training tools available through the industry including Lippert’s online training. I’m also scheduled for their one-day training session in Tampa, FL, later this month and their three-day training session in Pigeon Forge, TN, in August.”


“I also took a two-day in person training from Dometic in Orlando, FL, and I’ve been doing online training with Airxcel. Between the suppliers and the RV Technical Institute, this industry really makes an effort to keep qualified personnel in the field to facilitate a good experience for RV owners.”

“My wife and I never dreamed that the RV life would become such a big a part of our life,” Matt concludes. “Thank you, RV Technical Institute!”

For those interested in following Matt’s mobile RV repair journey, check out Twelve Springs RV Repair’s social media channels below:

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