DISH Outdoors Underscores The Value Of The RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 Course

DISH Outdoors, a leading live HDTV provider for the RV industry, is now a proud provider of the RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 curriculum. Recently, DISH Outdoors’ staff sat down with the RV Technical Institute to share their experience teaching the Level 3 curriculum to interested service technicians. Hear from DISH Outdoors’ team below or view their Level 3 course!

How does DISH Outdoors’ Level 3 Courses benefit RV technicians?
RV dealers have been selling DISH Outdoors for years, but many have not monetized the additional revenue opportunity through the installation and set-up of satellite systems. The DISH Outdoors Level 3 Certification creates revenue opportunity through education, supports technicians in addressing frequently asked questions to install and troubleshoot, and drives a better customer experience at the dealer level.

What do students have to say about the Level 3 courses you offer?
The DISH Outdoors training is easy to understand, instills a confidence to better support customers, and brings next-level satellite TV knowledge to the forefront of the RV industry.

How has offering Level 3 been impactful for your organization?
With DISH Outdoors being a leading live HDTV provider that travels anywhere with you, RV dealers now have greater opportunities than ever to assist their customers with best-in-class service while driving additional sales. Customers that are more satisfied drive repeat and referral business, adding to the RV dealer bottom line. Furthermore, this training empowers technicians to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the RV industry.


The RV Technical Institute regularly adds new, approved Level 3 courses to its curriculum. Interested suppliers can become an accredited training provider by downloading and submitting an application for review and approval by the Curriculum Committee. 

Likewise, interested RV technicians can learn more about Level 3 and how to take an approved course.