Cummins Inc. Donates Fifth Wheel To The RV Technical Institute


Cummins Inc., a leading engine and generator supplier, has donated one of their trailers to the RV Technical Institute for on-site technician training. While Cummins has donated equipment to the Institute before, including generators and load banks, this is the company’s first RV donation to the RV Technical Institute, whose curriculum is the gold standard of RV technician training. The Institute also worked with Cummins Inc. to develop the part of their curriculum concerning generators.

Since its founding, the RV Technical Institute has been working to recruit more individuals into the industry and train them as RV technicians to reduce repair times and keep RVers on the road. Cummins hopes that their donation— a 16,000 lb. capacity aluminum fifth wheel— will help the Institute accomplish this. “Having a strong RV aftermarket with trained technicians is vital to the success of our industry,” says Karl Wilson, Cummins’ Business Development Manager. “The efforts of the RV Technical Institute are instrumental towards filling a nationwide gap for these skilled professionals. The RV Technical Institute’s structured program creates highly skilled professionals that reduce customer frustration and minimize repair event cycle time.”

“Cummins supports the Institute’s continuous improvement plans to grow their capabilities and allows them options to customize and mobilize their curriculum to serve even more technicians,” Wilson adds. “We appreciate the RV Industry Association’s efforts to charter this type of program through the Institute.”

“We feel it’s important to support the RV industry however we can, and we appreciate the RV Technical Institute’s education and development of skilled technicians,” notes Cummins’ Marketing Manager Kristin Howard. “We hope this trailer will help the RV Technical Institute train these technicians in a different capacity.”

The trailer is designed for students to practice on generators— four of them are set up inside the RV. “The trailer will allow the Institute to expand their curriculum outside of their building and provide a flexible platform for specialized training on several RV components,” Wilson explains. “The mobile generator will allow technicians to troubleshoot, test, and run generators from these purpose-built platforms. Since all of this is mobile, it creates more flexibility to address growing and shifting needs in the industry.”

Although the trailer was donated only recently, it has already received positive feedback from students. “The students have been very receptive to the trailer,” says RV Technical Institute Director of Education Tracy Anglemeyer. “This trailer is going to make training a lot easier for both the instructors and the students, and we would like to thank Cummins for their donation to the RV Technical Institute and their aid in training current and future technicians.”

Individuals can sign up for online, hybrid, or in-person Level 1 and Level 2 classes and learn the RV Technical Institute’s curriculum for just $600 a year. Subscribe here or view the class schedule here.